Steel Industry

H&R works with many industries in the Southeast. Our company upon establishment had many ties to the steel industry, mineral industry, and automotive industry. Having opportunities to work on projects at US Steel, Nucor, CMC, US Pipe, 3-D, St. Gobain, Dow Corning, Constoleum, Polymere Coatings and other plants in the area. We have performed capital, maintenance and shut down work including but not limited to furnace repairs, piping, structural upgrades, welding, heavy rigging, sheeting, overhead crane installs and repairs, overhead crane cable changes, overhead rail change, kiln repair, coolers, conveyors, baghouse work, heat exchanger work, precipitator work, caster work on cooling beds, mold repair, and caster section repair. Many projects we take on just by using our construction knowledge and working hand in hand with an engineer.